Friday, October 21, 2016

Walking with dinosaurs

I put out the vinyl feet this afternoon--they had been spray painted with glow in the dark paint but either there wasn't enough sunlight absorbed, or the paint didn't work very well, cause they didn't really glow once it was dark.  BUT....they were still white and eye catching.  And they looked good under the blacklight, so that was good.  The door/lab thing went up today.  It was an attempt to do something with the nothing that was the screen door that I wanted to have propped open.  It also helps explain the dino kits that I'll be handing out.  It looks way dorky, but it's better than the nothing that was there before.  Oh, and finally put together the photo op. (or at least, the decoy photo op)

Also hit a bday party that had costumes encouraged and so went with Sarah in Shark and Wookie onesies, which was lovely.  Carving party is tomorrow night, and juuuust about ready with all the prep there.  Made the soup this afternoon and taste tested it--super yummy.  Lots of work tomorrow, but should be fun:)

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