Saturday, October 1, 2016

Anxiety Squirrel

Okay, the projects are done for the moment.  Or rather, I fed my anxiety squirrel and it's currently too full of yummy chicken to make more than vaguely concerned noises.  I painted the other side of the JP sign.  Definitely going to have to do touch ups on the other side where the clamp ripped off some of the paint--but that's pretty minor and if I do it first, should be plenty dry in a few hours.  I also took some of the gripper paint and fixed the blocks o Styrofoam to the tops of the large columns.  It's important that those are pretty secure.  I think I'll go ahead and use glue on the edges of the columns--maybe just Elmer's glue so it'll dry clear.  I also came up with a list of things to do tomorrow with Sarah's help.  I'm also wondering if some of the stuff can just go up tomorrow.  No reason not to really.  Hmmm...will see.

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