Thursday, October 11, 2012

Skeleton Baby

Hmmm...this project I'm still deciding on whether or not it was successful. I picked up several plastic
baby dolls at the thrift store and have been musing around with what to do with them. Then I found that someone had taken a doll and painted it entirely black and painted on bones to have a skeleton baby. It looked doable, so I tried it out. Part of the problem was that I was impatient and didn't wait until the black paint dried, so it kept mixing with the white and made gray or not quite covered all the way. I may try to go over it again tomorrow and do a second coat on the white bones. These are the times I wish I had some artistic skill...maybe I can put it in a corner and it can be creepy from afar.

Okay, going to count the skeleton baby as a win--managed to thoroughly scare myself with it. I had moved it into the kitchen to dry, forgot it was there, and nearly gave myself a heart attack later when I went to get a drink of water. I wonder how cool it would look if the bones were done with glow in the dark paint....hmmm...

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