Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Potion Book Project--Assembly

So I finally wrapped up the project that wouldn't end. This spell book project was one that I tinkered with on the computer forever, and spent quite awhile curing and ageing the pages. I've been toying with how to assemble it, and how to cover it, but ultimately I decided to go super simple and old school with book binding. I got a sharp needle and some embroidery floss. I had glued the pages together back to back, which turned out to be a good thing because they were slightly wet from the glue, which made it easier to punch through with the needle.
Worked out fairly well. I'll probably end up just propping it open on the cookbook holder I now have yet to find, but it will at least be done. Here are a couple of the pictures of the finished pages.

Now the next step on this is to figure out a holder for it that still allows the pages to be turned. Here's a preliminary sketch of the altar/table I'd like to assemble for it.

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