Sunday, July 23, 2017

Boulder Costume

One of the big pieces I'm making is a boulder costume for one of my lovely Halloween actors.  The dinosaur and lab tech was such a hit last year, I decided to try again.  And what makes sense for Indiana Jones?  No, the Kali Ma priest was too scary.  Instead?  The boulder that chases Indiana Jones!  Arguably the first "oh !@#$" moments from the first movie.

Grail Tablet

This year's Halloween is a pretty simple one--and I've been trying to bolster it up a bit with props to bring out more of the Indiana Jones, and less 'random Egyptian theme'. To that end, I pulled out a piece of Styrofoam and made one of the props from "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"--the grail tablet that's on the knight's tomb.  Relatively easy to do--I marked with a pen all of the writing as well as the cross outline.  I picked out the smallest attachment I could find on my wood burner kit, and traced the letters.  Next I pulled out the heat gun to sear/seal the edges, as well as widen the cross lines a bit and just overall provide a little texture.  The letters got some black in their crevices--which turned out to be a somewhat tedious (if vaguely hypnotic) endeavor. So at the moment I'm waiting for the black to dry before going back with some gray and finish it off.