Saturday, October 1, 2016

Siiiigns, beautiful siiiiiiigns!!

I had been getting a little nervous about my office max order just because they usually send me a confirmation email back or a clarification or something.  But the next email I got from them (maybe a few hours later) was "hey, your order's done".  So once again, Office Max comes through!  Woot!  They had to downsize some of the images from my original specs, but I had told them to sacrifice size for clarity.  So it's all good.  They turned out awesome.  And I got most of them laminated so they'll be perfect for the weather:)  I also stopped by Zurchers and picked up a couple of different colored tablecloths--some for actual tablecloths, and others for the porch.  I'm intending to hang them all around the porch, and possibly cut some up so they're hanging from the rafters a bit.  Also, I need dowels...I'm going to have to make a home depot run probably tonight or tomorrow.  I need more great stuff foam for the intestines, dowels, probably some more fence pvc pipe.  But now, off to work on the fences!  Allons-y!

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