Monday, October 3, 2016

Puttering about

McGyvered the shit out of this.
Best invention ever: the triple socket cord
Today started with a home depot run to pick up a few essentials--rope to tie back the columns so they don't fall on an unsuspecting child, a splitter so I can rig up my electrical system, some nuts and bolts for the east dock sign...oh, and the find for the day--an LED blacklight!  And it actually works!  Even in the day, Bert lit up quite a bit.  If only I had had this tech available for the under the sea/entirely black lights Halloween a few years ago.  Oh well.  I'm trying to convert most of the lights to LED so as not to make our power bill angry.  Well, angrier.  (we likes our a.c.)

You really have to imagine the music when you look at this
Got the lights up in the triple socket that runs across the porch providing light.  I try not to have too many things to trip over so I don't actually need that much light, but I also like having a pretty well lit porch--the better to see decorations and costumes and such.  I pulled out the large buckets I'll need--one turned over to support Suzie's head, and the other to fill with water for the pumpkin replenishing.  Put up the last two paddock slats on the north end of the porch--so now the whole thing looks like a proper dino cage.  Took a break from going up and down the ladder to (finally!) adhere the Jurassic Park lettering to the sign.  Once that's had a chance to dry I'll turn it over and put the velcro on the back.  Or maybe put the columns up first with velcro on them...then the sign to see where the velcro actually needs to go.  I'm not too worried--I have four feet, which will allow for a 4 inch strip on either side.  I think it'll be pretty secure.  *crossed fingers*

So at the moment I'm breaking (not mental breaking--that comes later, just a regular break in which my feet are up).  Maybe should get some food.  Plus it's super cold and kind of drizzly/rainy.  Not ideal for putting up props.  The essential thing I DO need to get done is to fix that fence.  Without it, I won't put up my front yard props.  They need at least some protection.  So now that the sign is done, that's the next must-do item.

If the weather holds, I think tomorrow will be putting up a bunch of the actual props--the behind the scenes/lighting/infrastructure is pretty well finished.

Yay!  Fences are DONE!  I swear, it's been like the 'give a mouse a cookie' scenario where one thing leads to the other...except backwards, because I keep finding things that need to get done before the thing I actually want to put up.  Oye.  Still wet and nasty outside.  But this is good news for what it means to put in the rebar--the ground will be soggy and hopefully less work to put into the ground.

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