Saturday, October 1, 2016

On the fence

So the fences are mostly...practically...nearly...done.  The first one I made is still being all wonky, while the 2 I just put together are secure and standing pretty sturdy.  They measure about 10' across, and I've got 3 that will form a semi circle around the props.  They (obviously) won't deter the determined, but I do think they help as a basic "no touch!" statement.
So I need to go back and look at the wonky one, make sure the measurements are all correct.  But I do have all the fittings for it.  And I've got a weeeee bit of a scrap 1/2 inch pvc so I might not even need to get extra at home depot.  I also found some leftover 1" pvc pipe I can use for the dock sign--but I need some bolts to attach the signs with--I'd like to believe glue will work, but it's a bit unlikely it will hold up against the wind.  I do still need to get another piece of rebar for it, dowels, great stuff.  On the lovely news end of things, Sarah is going to come over tomorrow and help me out for a bit as I get everything ready to go!  Yay for Sarah!!

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