Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Last minute details

A few things to wrap up.  Went to Home Depot (probably...likely...possibly...the last trip) and picked up some pvc to shore up the photo op from the back, make it less likely to tip over.  And also found a treasure (yes, in gollum voice is appropriate).  An LED floodlight with filters--so you can pick one of 5 colors.  It's only a 40 watt power, but it was just what I needed to light up the gate and the photo op.  I considered doing twinkle lights or something, but ultimately the spotlight is going to be just a lot more effective.  And as a bonus, it slightly lights up Suzie/t-rex a bit.  Downside is when the kids go back down, it does hit them a bit in the eyes.  But, pfft, whatever.  Next up--getting the kits/treats ready.  I dug out one of them to show as a demo so they can see kind of what to do (rather than just breaking it open on the ground).

Oh, and probably the final walk through.  Maybe:)

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