Monday, October 3, 2016

IT'S UP!!!!

My tired, but "omg it's up!" face
Points to Sam for her idea to light the sign
Ohmigod.  Kind of exhausted.  But adrenaline...but mostly tired.  Got a HUGE amount of help from Sam with putting all the big stuff up, especially the stuff that involved awkward sized props and just easier with a second person.  The columns and JP gate went up first thing.  The fit on the columns was veeeery tight, so no real fear that they'll come off--I didn't even use glue.  I hog tied the columns to the porch beams so that the whole thing wouldn't fall.  And the industrial strength velcro holding the sign in place I'm fairly confident about.  Suzie was the next big installation--lots of adjusting on her to get the right placement.  What we finally decided was that the bottom needed to be slanted so that the top could slant enough to see the eyes.  So we needed a wedge of some kind kind of.........stole the cat's scratching wedge.

OKAY!  Before there's yelling, understand this--that cat only does token scratches on it; she's very prissy about that wedge.  So clearly I'm putting it to better use!  Clearly....

The jaw will get adjusted once bungee cords
are bought.  Less slack-jawed yokel-y
Anyways.  Bert went up next--had to get him a longer stick to have him fit through the tarp/scene setter.  But otherwise no problems.  The waterfall and front yard went up pretty quickly.  We took yard stakes and tacked just about everything down.  The dinosaurs got tacked down on the rocks with zip ties and yard stakes.  The yard lights got rigged up--I need to get a replacement blue bulb, as it looks like the one I had burned out at some point or got damaged.  The lights on the porch I may have to play with.  The black light and green led light are SUPER bright.  Which is good, but might be a bit toooo bright.  Not sure.  Going to put up more foliage and then see what it looks like.  But for tonight I'm going to take a tired break.  And maybe get some dinner.

Couple more glamour shots:

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