Sunday, October 2, 2016


Sarah came over today and helped me get started on the major infrastructure of this little project of mine.  We put up the paddock railing (aka, white slats), then went about turning several plastic tablecloths into mini tarps by fitting the ends with duct tape on either side and punching holes through them.  The other thing (that ended up taking quite a while) was to attach the vines to either side of the bar so they could be draped from the ceiling.  I'm going to add more hanging ones, but that was the big central one that will first be seen.  All of these seem like pretty small projects...but are not and that are so much easier if you have two people.  So.  As it stands none of the big stuff is out yet.  But the prep work to put it out there is a huge leap forward.  And the green scene setter (aka tablecloths) act as a bit of a teaser for the kids; there's nothing official out yet, but it will allow me to put up stuff without being seen.  So that's awesome.  It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so I'm not super keen to put stuff up in the rain, but I'll use the time to get the loose ends tied up and ready to be put up.  Ooh and creepily, the green tarps are thin enough that light gets through, so it casts a spooky green glow into the living room.  Creepsy!

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