Sunday, October 9, 2016


Love that Bert looks like he's going to pounce.
One of the small but significant props I had planned on was to add a huge InGen logo to the front door--which makes my costume of an InGen lab person more believable.  I used to blow up a high quality sized InGen logo to about 25x25 inches so it could cover much of the door.  Aaand I now need a new black ink cartridge, but whatever.  I also tried out some of my costume--a lab coat borrowed from mom, complete with an InGen patch I got online for a couple bucks.  I'll also have a Jurassic Park tank underneath, but I need to modify the sides a bit--it was the only size I could get at short notice and it's just a weeee bit too tight, so I'll add a few strips to the side like I did my zombie pumpkins shirt.  But for the moment, the lab coat is good enough to take a few fun selfies with:)

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