Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hammond goes down!

So in the novel Jurassic Park, Hammond meets a rather gruesome end by falling down a hill, breaking an ankle and then proceeds to have compys attack and eat him.  And so my body that I put out front is particularly on point and if anyone asks why I went a little gory this year--I can use the "Because CANNON!" argument.  The body finally went up today, as well as the two extra compys I was holding in reserve (partly for the body and partly in case one of them got stolen).  I used great stuff over bottles and a $ store laundry basket, trying to go for the guts/intestines look.  Then lots of red paint with just a bit of black gloss in parts.  I put it all together this afternoon out on the grass, along with a hat that looked like his and some plastic feet/shoes and hands.  A few reactions from when school let out:

"It's Jurassic PARK, not Jurassic WORLD! (shouted at friend)"
"They're tiny t-rexes!!" (not really, but loved the glee in the voice)
"You can look at inside (porch)...it's the weirdest thing..."
"Isn't that the fat guy from Jurassic park?!?" (yes, tis)
"Oh my god!!!" (lots of screaming/squealing)
"Is that a body?  Ewww, that's disgusting!"
"Why are you eating his legs apart man?!?" (talking to dino)
"Why would they put THIS up?" (dude, it's Halloween)
"What's that red stuff?" (oh boy, it's going to be a looong Halloween night for you)

And possibly my favorite:
"Ummm...just keep walking!" (parent clearly trying to guide them away from the gore)

And some shots at night:

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