Saturday, October 1, 2016

Getting ready for the reveal

I'm tentatively planning on Monday or Tuesday as the "day when shit goes up" and oye have I got a crap load to do! Okay.  Made an updated list of all the things I have done/ready to go out and all the things yet to do.  Spent an hour or so finalizing signs that will go outside and put in my order at the lovely office max to have them blown up, printed, and laminated.  They've come through for me in the past--I'm hoping they'll not let me down this year. *fingers crossed*

The gate I added some glue in between the sheets and clamped it down for a bit, then weighed it down.  I still need to paint the back side and some touchups, but that will go pretty quickly.  Just have to leave drying time.  So probably tonight. I went ahead and painted the rock Natalie and I made last night and it's looking good.  Also finished painting the eggs a white color, so they're ready to go.  Hot glued Suzie's eyes in finally--it was the last piece that she needed, so she's all ready to be put out.


What's left: the body.  That's a big one.  But I'm not as stressed about it partly because it's one that I could unveil later in the week.  Like, get them used to the compys, then change them about a bit and introduce an eviscerated body.  Aaaand it gives me a bit of extra time.  Win-win.

The fences.  These, unfortunately, are essential.  I refuse to put up any of my props without some kind of fence anymore.  My trust with people to not touch them is zilch.  So the fences really need to get done.  So today and tomorrow will be focused on making sure the fences are ready to go.  I also need to get the rebar pounded into the ground that the fences will rest on to stabilize them.  So I need to make sure I don't hit a sprinkler when I do this.  Fun times.

What else, what else....oh, the vine bars need to be made.  But that's a sitting down project.

I'm sure I'm forgetting little details and such, but the big items are mostly ready to go.  Need to finalize the lighting situation.  Decided to ditch the fog chiller for this year for a myriad of reasons, not least of which is that my dinosaur doesn't react well to them and I don't want to compromise that.  Also, I'm doing low to the ground props and I really don't want them to be covered in fog.  I'll wait until I do gravestones again at some point, make a super creepy graveyard.  THEN I'll bring the fog.

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