Tuesday, October 4, 2016

First reactions

So I have a bit of ritual.  Every time I put a scene up, around the time school lets out the next day I hang out in the living room (usually cleaning up from the whirlwind that is inevitable with putting everything up the day before) with the door cracked a bit to get the first reactions from the kids.  Creepy?  Perhaps.  But effective in terms of seeing if it's a hit or not.  I get their honest reactions, and they're one of the main reasons I do this (other than it's fun).  So a few of this year's reactions (emphasis mine):

  • "I LOVE this house on Halloween!!"
  • "23 million...uh, thousand volts! Don't touch it!" 
  • Reading out the signs
  • "How much time did they spend on this?!?"
  • "OMG, there's more stuff in here!" (after venturing on the porch)
  • (on the porch) "I'M GOING TO TOUCH IT!"  (silence, then) "It's made out of cardboard!  I'M DISAPPOINTED!"
  • "So. AWESOME."
So I think we're good for this year :)

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