Sunday, October 9, 2016

East dock sign

This was a project that I figured I might not get to, just due to other stuff happening.  But it worked out as it was a good sit down project that just required a little hardware in the end.  I took a piece of styrofoam (pink) and sketched out the basic (not super accurate) map outline, then took a razor blade/knife to it.  I sketched out a basic outline for the white border, then for the boat symbol.  I painted the corresponding colors, then printed out the boat symbol and turned it into a stencil to use in the middle of the circle.  The East Dock lettering was printed out and mod podged on a piece of styrofoam painted black.  And the arrow was actually cut out and then laminated. Grabbed a 1 inch pvc pipe and drilled some holes in it for the 1/4 inch screws, and with a little effort, got everything all lined up.  I had gotten a piece of rebar to use as an anchor, got that securely in the ground then slipped the sign post over it.  I put it towards the back so the lights would hit it when it got dark, and so that some of the shoddy detail works disappears a bit, but also it fills in one of the gaps between the fence and the house.  I have rope there, but as I've seen, this isn't really a deterrent to kids.  But the sign is kind of smack dab in the middle of the gap...and the rope.  And when you get the right angle, you can get everything in a camera shot.

Night shot:

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