Saturday, October 8, 2016

Bugging out

So one of the things I was looking at tonight as I was moving around the plants was how there really wasn't a whole lot on the porch that took advantage of the black light.  I had some uv reactive paint that was super bright.  So I thought for awhile about a quick easy project that could involve adding some uv paint.  I came up with making some bug silhouettes.  Some bugs grew to be pretty large back in the jurassic period, so I figured having some large bugs would be pretty cool.  So I printed out on cardstock some bug silhouettes.  I painted some of the pattern in white (without it, the paint just absorbs into the black and doesn't pop at all--I've also been bingeing "Skin Wars" all about body painting).  Some of them look really awesome, and bonus, some of them can be seen from the outside as silhouettes that are creeping about, which is pretty cool.

A few more bugs to round out the creepsy experience

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