Thursday, October 13, 2016

Anatomy lesson

Feet and guts were what got done today.  The feet consisted of spray painting with glow in the dark paint those vinyl dinosaur feet I had cut out a while back.  Halloween is definitely coming up soon and I realized that needed time to dry as well as absorb enough sunlight to be mildly effective (which they might still not be).  The guts were for the body which I have FINALLY started working on.  I had been gathering 2 liter bottles and realized once I put them next to the pants that it still wouldn't be quite enough.  Enter the rummaging through the garage.  I came up with a $ store laundry basket that I cut the super rigid rim off so that it was a bit more flexible.  I propped it up on its side with a "rock" paper mache form for a bit of support, then went to town with a can of great stuff.  I tried to make sure that I got coverage as well as holding it out so that it purposely achieved that tube, intestines look.  We'll see how it sets up.  I thiiink I have enough stuff to fill the body/clothes--but I also have a bucky skeleton that I could use if I get desperate.  I do need to still get a hat--I think Zurcher's is going to help me out with a cowboy hat that I can modify a bit.

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