Thursday, September 15, 2016

Quickie Quilt

Quilt from Discount Fabric Warehouse in Kona.
My (much smaller) Halloween interpretation.
I...I made a quilt.  No, not that one I had planned to make (and totally...probably...maybe still will), the one I got it into my head to make at 10 pm last night.  Admittedly not my finest decision making window.  It started when I was looking around at the living room and my eye fell on the bright rainbow quilt of my grandmother's that I hung up when I inherited a bunch of her quilt and wall hangings when she passed away.  Now I like it, but it doesn't exactly scream Halloween decor--in fact it kind of detracts.  I realized it was going to have to come down.  But I couldn't immediately think of anything to put up in its place.  Maybe a not-late-night brain could have come up with something, but what popped into my head was a flash of this quilt I saw in a fabric store in Hawaii recently that because of the way the fabric is laid out, it gives the optical illusion of a woven pattern.  Theirs was much more elaborate, had gradients, and many colors--much more professionally done, but I really liked the woven look.  So I checked what fabric I had that was Halloween esque.  Lots of black, white and orange.  I also looked around for the pattern--a "rail quilt" and got some suggestions for how to measure proportions and such.  I sewed 5 long 2 inch strips together (black, orange, white, orange black) then cut the large strip into 8x8 inch blocks.  I made 24 blocks then just turned them.  Sewed them all up, pretty basic construction.  I lightly quilted it with some straight lines, then bound it with some leftover black bias tape.  I love how it turned out, and while I'm a bit tired, I consider it well worth the lack of sleep.

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