Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Painting Dinos (Part 5)

Suzie got a paint job today along with some scales.  The scales (aka pieces of foam) went down first with some hot glue.  After that a primer coat of white went on so that the yellow would be bright enough.  With the scales on it started to look pretty reptilian.  So the yellow coat went on so that it would show through the cracks between foam pieces.  The brown coat went on very lightly, mostly trying to catch it on the textures of the foam pieces and the ridges from the great stuff foam.  Started to look pretty cool.  I wanted the whole effect to be not too dark as the porch will be pretty dark, and the foliage will be hiding much of her anyways.  It doesn't hurt to have the dino/color be brighter than I would normally make a dinosaur.

The bottom half of Suzie's mouth got painted next.  Same process--foam pieces glued on, white primer base, yellow base, then light layers of brown.  I also added a yellowish green on suggestion of Sarah, which added a little more depth to the tones.  I went back and added a few layers of green on the top mouth as well.  Once it was a little dry, I went ahead and did a fast and dirty construct of Suzie, just to see what it would basically look like.  First problem/issue is that the top mouth is front heavy from all the teeth and foam I've added.  So the back half will either have to be modified with adding foam to the back (then painted) OR attaching bungees and weights or tying it to the railing to manage it.  Not sure which way I'll go at this point.  But the chicken wire form means I can attach the bungees pretty easily to the back by piercing through a couple layers of paper mache.  The overall effect is (to my eyes) a little lopsided and wonky, but I think it doesn't NOT look like a dinosaur/dragon thing.  And in the dark...in a darkened corner...with special lights...and in the context of Jurassic Park....I think it'll work.  

Just as a bit of perspective, here's a picture of the evolution from Audrey II to Suzie

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