Sunday, September 25, 2016

Nesting instincts

Started on the compy nest tonight.  I made the mistake of making a list of all the undone things that I had yet to even start on...and freaked out a little.  Which resulted in me in my pjs and a coat in the garage at 10 at night (I'm sure my neighbors just adore me) spraying foam all over an inner tube.  I had bought it originally when I was considering doing a jeep photo op and had some notion of making them into tires.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  Anyways, it'll make a better nest.  And I have large jumbo easter eggs coming that I'll be spray painting with that stone/speckled texture.  So I got the first layer down tonight so it can set up overnight.  I'll build up the middle and sides a little more once this first layer has set.  Foam can only be pushed so far before it crumples.  You definitely have to wait between applications if you need to build it up.

 **UPDATE**  Second look at the nest and I think it puffed up enough overnight that I don't need to do a second layer, which is great because it meant that I could proceed that much faster to the painting of the whole thing.  Downside--because the inner tube was a cheap $2 knock off, it has deflated quite a bit.  Upside--the foam had already set in place, so like a balloon in paper mache, it isn't really needed all that much.  I went ahead and spray painted it with brown basecoat, some flecks of light and dark green, but then a gentle overlay of yellow.  I wanted it to clearly be a nest rather than just a weird looking pile of rocks.  And maybe the subtlety of the distinction will get lost in the dark but it's different enough for me, so yeah.

The eggs arrived!  Yay!  I found some out of season jumbo (~6") plastic eggs.  Now I just need to spray paint them with some stone texture paint, maybe a little cream paint, and they'll be ready to go into the compy nest...and possibly use as a prop on the porch.

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