Friday, August 26, 2016

Susie's makeover

Susie got a face makeover today.  First up was to paint the gums a pink--pretty easy.  Originally I was going to paper mache nostril holes, eye holes, and just generally build up the head.  But then I realized that a can of great stuff would take a lot less time and be lighter.  On the downside--less control.  But it's not my main project, and I'm coming up on the only a month left mark, so I went with fast over super accurate.  And I'm planning on lots of painting.  I still want to get another can or two of great stuff to build up the back head more as well as attach some eyelids that I made with layers of rope.  The nostrils were just some looped rope that was taped up, attached to the head, then some great stuff sprayed around the base.  But the basic face is starting to take shape.  I'm working on the eyes, and will pick up some more insulation asap.

Now originally I was also thinking to build up a jaw and attach the two pieces together, but I'm remembering now how awkward the pieces are to move.  So now I'm thinking if I just had two jaw pieces that hang down on the top, but keep them separate, it'll be much easier to move the pieces back and forth.  We'll see how it goes, but I think that'll be the actually easier option.

The front of Susie's nose got filled in today.  I had had to wait for a bit until the outline firmed up, just so that it didn't flop over or do the melty thing that the foam sometimes does.  Going to wait until this firms up, then maybe go over it with some of the foam pieces to make some patterns around the bridge line.  Then I can finally get to spray painting.

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