Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Painting Dinos (Part 4)

Bert is done!  Ohmigosh.  He's freaking done.  That felt like it took both no time and forever.  Lots of last minute changes.  Upon advice from Sarah, I added some eyelids to give him a little more personality, which led to a bit more painting.  I also painted the head/rooster thing on his head (not sure of actual name); and finally a clear coat of gloss on top.  I also separately painted the tongue and the teeth (which I put a faint spray of yellow on).  After everything dried, I superglued in the eyes and after dipping the wire in elmer's glue, shoved in the teeth.  I'm hoping they'll be secure once the glue dries--a little nervous as they definitely aren't super secure right now.  But he looks pretty scary:)  I was worried he was looking a little too surprised/gamine smile, but after the teeth went in, he just looks intimidating.


  1. This is fantastic Pumpkin Carver!
    Just found your blog following a mandrake link and OH MY GOSH!! You are so talented! Will be trawling back through all of your posts to marvel at your mad skills and of course, steal ideas. Keep up the fab work!! x Leesa

    1. Awww, thanks! Steal away--many of my projects were stolen from all about the internet with a little modification for my own purposes.