Sunday, August 7, 2016

Painting Dinos (Part 3)

So I went for painting Bert today, which involved several layers and waiting time in between.  I started with a very bright green, then did a gradient towards the tips.  Next was to make the middle very yellow (I used a florescent yellow).  After that had dried, I taped down (painter's tape) some pieces of paper to cover up the yellow/bright green so I could do some red outlines.  I laid down some florescent pink then red.  I wadded up a newspaper and tried to mottle the colors a bit around the edges once the pieces of paper had been removed.  Next involved a lot of switching from different colors, and blending back and forth, trying to make the pieces a little less clear cut.  Lastly, I painted the back dk green (what I could reach) and closed up the garage to dry.  I still need to go over with detail work, and the eyes and crown need some work.

Did a little sponge work.  Mostly brightened up the spots and the red sections.  Yes, he looks super bright, but I want him to look very eye catching under the black light, so I'm emphasizing the spots.

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