Wednesday, August 3, 2016

It's all about the Bert

Bert got some upgrades today.  First and foremost was the stand that he'll rest his head on.  There were a bunch of different possible ways to go on a stand.  I wanted it to be as secure as possible, so I went with a basic cube/rectangle out of pvc pipe.  The nice thing about it is that it'll be super stable with a brick at the bottom, and the joint can move up and down a little to adjust him once I get everything else in place.  I'm intending to paint it a dark color so it blends into the foliage (either black or dk green).

He also got some eyehole/brows to amp up the eyes a little.  The eyes are smaller than they really should be and I felt like it needed a little emphasis.  Pretty easy to add a few rolled up newspapers around where the eyes will go.  I paper mached over them just to make it a little smoother.  But painting will be important here.  Bert also got the back paper mached just to complete the whole thing.

I got a new can of Great Stuff and made a tongue to put in the mouth and painted it a bright red.

I couldn't resist.  I put the pieces of Bert together...a bit.  I put in his eyes, tongue, and a side of teeth.  HE LOOKS AWESOME!!!  I lurve him *sigh*

Got Bert's base coat finished. This helps hide the paper print without having to do multiple coats and gives the brighter colored paint a chance to pop out a little more.  I'm considering adding some texture on top of this, not sure what though; maybe a spray of stone finish or something.  Yet to be decided.  I also turned his mouth more purple; I had been rewatching Jurassic Park and the mouth on the dilophosaurus is clearly more purple than red.


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    1. Thanks! He's shaping up to be my favorite... don't tell the compys.