Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Halloween quilting

Long time project in the works that got a boost today.  I have a large blank wall in the middle of the living room that is always a hard one to decorate.  Earlier this year I made a Halloween wall quilt, but it's not nearly large enough for the wall.  So my plan was to make some smaller quilts/blocks to surround it to bulk it up a bit.  This first step was mostly just using that magical thermobond to cut out lettering and pieces.  I used the pumpkin stencils from the lovely ZombiePumpkins.com that I get a subscription to every year.  (LURVE their patterns!)  The sides will either be actual shutters if I can swing them from the DI, OR a fabric panel that approximates shutters.  OR maybe just a panel of Halloween fabrics I've been saving up.

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