Tuesday, August 2, 2016

ALL the blocks!

Bit of a project that I've been really wanting to do for awhile now.  But what I lacked was what I came across the other day--a 60% off sale on cushions.  At Shopko as it turned out.  So the seating on the back porch is always a bit of a mishmash--pulled in from anywhere I can find them and always very slapdash.  But I saw this thing on Pinterest  (started every disaster project) and today was when it came to fruition.  So the basic idea is to insert 4x4s through cinder blocks to form a bench.  There are various thoughts on height, how many blocks and their orientation as well as whether they should be glued or not glued together.  So here is my version.  I got 3 4x4x8s and had them cut down to 6.5 feet (cause that's what fits in my car).  I got 6 cinder blocks and put them standing up so that they were in a row, not on top of each other.  I didn't glue them together, mostly because one of the draws of this type of bench is that it breaks down and is movable.  I tested out the sturdiness by actually standing on the structure, and was convinced that it didn't need to be glued out of structural integrity issues.  The cushions (20x20 inches) got put on afterwards and less than 10 minutes into the project--done!  Big fan of this and am contemplating doing another side.  But this provides 2-3 spacious seats and fits what I use the patio on Halloween for, so I'm pleased.

The second project of the day was (yet again) another Pinterest project which also involved cinder blocks and lumber.  It was basically a wood caddy to hold all your firewood.  This has been a problem in the past and I've resorted to tubs in the past, which inevitably means I have to clean out the tubs which tend to accumulate spiders and leaves and various debris.  This also had the benefit of (now) blending in with the new decor.  And it was ridiculously easy.  So 2 cinder blocks side by side, and 4 2x4s (I had them cut to 36 inches) laid diagonally in the bricks.  It actually holds quite a bit of lumber, and I'm eager to have it loaded up for the 2 fire pits I have going on carving night.

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