Thursday, July 21, 2016

My what small teeth you have...and claws...

Picked up some air dry clay at Joann's today--a 10 lb block of terra cotta Amaco brand.  I wasn't sure how many teeth I'll need on my frilled dino, or how much of a claw I wanted for my compys, so I figured I might as well get plenty of extra.  It doesn't hurt to have a bunch for screw ups too.  I cut some pieces of wire roughly twice the size of the teeth I wanted--though I quickly realized I was making them way too big, so I shortened the size and went for more of them but shorter.  I may even have to make more--two rows might look cooler, but I think I'll have to see what will actually fit in there.  Also have to see how the clay dries and if it'll be sturdy enough; again, may have to make more in case a bunch of them break.  I'm planning on painting them white and using hot glue to shove them up into the foam mouth.  It'll be a last step after a tongue and a mouth has been painted--these are going to be hard to maneuver a paintbrush around.  These weren't absolutely dry, but I went ahead and did a quick test run with a small half row just to see how they'd look.  I'm pleased with the result--once they're all painted and filled in (possibly a second row), my guy will be looking pretty scary.

Pulled out the air dry clay again and went about making claws for my compys.  I'm a little fearful that they'll break--the clay is pretty delicate, so I ended up not doing feet, figuring they'll definitely break off.  I clipped the excess wire on the hands, then did pretty much the same process as the teeth, making them a little more curved, and smoothing them over a bit with water to rub out the lines and wrinkles.

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