Thursday, July 14, 2016

Compsoganthus--the mache machine

On our (somewhat disappointing towards the end) day of dyeing, Sarah and I also got a bit done on the mini dinos (Compsoganthus--Compsoganthi?).  We got the first round of mache on about three of them--the first round is actually the hardest, as the mache is not super fond of being wrapped around duct tape.  It will work, just not easily--you have to layer them on a bit before it will stay in place.  The other thing I made sure of was that they dried on their sides.  On one of them last time, I had just propped him up on his feet--the wire moved enough that it warped the form a bit...then dried.  So this time they got dried with their feet in the air.  I still have quite a bit of mache to do--will try to work some in over the next week.  I've also been saving phone books to have a contrasting color--which should help to keep track of what layer I'm on.

Finished the first layer of mache for ALL the compys.  They definitely need another few layers, but I need to wait between layers to make sure they're completely dry and solid.  I also did another time lapse video on doing these last couple.

Second day of macheing--and the second layer for these guys.  Definitely remembering why I do this with Sarah--we remind each other to take breaks!  Oye.  I did four in a row before wondering why my back was hurting.  Dur.  So I'm breaking for the moment.  Will eventually get back and do the other two though...eventually....

I'm also attempting to redye the botched batch of ice dyeing.  I'm going to let it set for longer, then wash it only in cold water.  Possibly set it in salt and vinegar (I've heard good things).  And hopefully we won't get the pastel debacle of last time.

Okay...went out a second time and got the last of the 2 dinos through their second layer of mache.  Not too bad--It takes roughly 45 minutes for 2 dinos (time lapse video gave me time frame).  So if I just remember to take breaks every two dinos...should be okay.

Took a shot of them all standing up.  I thiiink
they don't need another layer of mache.  They set up pretty firm, and with minimal crinkling due to the final wash of glue I always put over them after each layer.  Well this is scary--now the painting can commence!  Yikes!!

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