Saturday, July 9, 2016

Compsoganthus 2 (wire form)

So because Sarah is coming over tomorrow to attempt ice dyeing (yay!) and help me with a bit of paper mache, I wanted to have all the compys ready to go.  Now SOMEWHERE I know that I have made 7 of these lil guys.  But could only find 5.  So I went ahead and made another one and this time I attempted another time lapse video.  Bit better than the last time--I had better settings, and most important a better stand so that it didn't fall over after a few minutes.  So.  Here is a time lapse video of making the basic form of these guys.

*as a side note, I find it kind of hilarious that throughout this whole thing, I look like grumpy cat when I'm concentrating/zoning out.

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