Friday, May 27, 2016

Haunted Hill wall hanging

I was browsing on Pinterest (like you do) and came across this gorgeous quilt wall hanging that was instant love at first sight.  After a bit of effort, I tracked down the pattern (Haunted Hill) and went about getting some fabric to match.  I ended up trying to get it at the wrong time of year for the better autumnal fabrics, but thankfully, Etsy was there to help me out.  I found some gorgeous orange batik from TCS fabrics store (and went back later for some more fabric).  First step was to trace out the pattern on a sheet of thermo web.  Then ironed it onto the various fabric pieces.  The next step was the arduous task of cutting out along all the little branches.  Tonight I went ahead and ironed on the pieces to the background fabric, trimmed the edges, and added the first layer of borders.

Next up is to add on the dark purple border, cut out backing and padding, possibly baste it a bit, then go about quilting over the branches/witch/bats with invisible thread.  Then binding it.

I finished the thing!!!  The back is just a large piece of black cotton I had.  Basted it all together.  Lots of quilting over omg small branches, which was a bit maddening, but not as bad as I had feared.  

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