Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Halloween 2016 Sketches


I know, a bit early.  But there are some projects for this year that might take some time.  Or at least benefit from being done in the hot summer rather than the cold fall.  So this year.......


Right?!?  So, front yard.  Idea is to have a paddock fence made out of pvc/joints.  I've accepted the inevitability of a fence.  Otherwise, kids just come up and screw with your stuff.  Within the fence.  A nest of dino eggs, and little compys (aka comsoganthus) from the second movie.  I've always found them creepy.  Made out of soda bottle form, wire, and paper mache.  Still deciding on size. Eviscerated body in front, bowels torn up and out.  Thought is that person stumbled on a nest, compys attacked.  And obvious boulder/rocks, surrounding foliage and lights.  

Next up, the porch.  Still some decisions to be made here.  Possibly the front half being a remake of the giftshop.  But the rest jungle/foliage.  Kind of abandoned.  Then in the corner, a T-rex head, revamping the Audrey II head from a few years ago.  (adding eyes, nostrils, more teeth, different tongue, different paint)

The photo op may change a bit.  I was thinking something pretty basic--foliage, tree, maybe a dino clinging to a 'branch', then with a "Halloween 2016" sign.  

The entrance to the porch, still working on/playing around with .  But ideally, the Jurassic park gate doors, along with a park sign.  But looking semi-abandoned, like in the 4th movie.  (sketch to come)

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