Friday, April 8, 2016


So one of the first projects that I wanted to get a jump on were the compys that will be all in the front yard.  These guys are important, as they're the first thing that my trick-or-treaters will see, and they'll set the scene for the rest of the haunt.  And if they look like crap...again, it sets the scene.  It's definitely a bit of a risk making them pretty small instead of doing a much larger dinosaur for the front.  They'll also be easier to steal.  But I'm hoping that the goodwill of Halloween will prevail...and I'll have serious garden stakes on them.  But I digress...

I wanted to make a prototype and hopefully make some notes about the construction of these, and at least get an idea of how long each one will take so that I can figure out how many are reasonable to make.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Halloween 2016 Sketches


I know, a bit early.  But there are some projects for this year that might take some time.  Or at least benefit from being done in the hot summer rather than the cold fall.  So this year.......

Fan X 2016

The adventures of Fan X 2016!!


So first off, I convinced my uncle to join me because I had an extra Thursday pass.  So we ended up spending the day together, which was awesome!  Highlights were the Buzz Aldrin panel--amazingly inspiring, especially when he talked about what humanity can do when we work together.  We also did the Levar Burton panel and a photo op a bit later.  Both incredible!  Lots of photo opportunities, taking pics next to stuff, and general fun was had.