Friday, October 9, 2015

Torch light

One of the troubles I always have is deciding on light for the porch, specifically the main porch light.  I have an array of different colored bulbs, but I wanted to try something different this year.  The theme (such as it is) is kind of cathedral/dungeon...y.  So I wanted to do a torch/fire look.  I have several scene setter torches to put up that give the illusion of torches, but I wanted to try and get at least one torch into the actual lighting.

So I first off got a cheap, plain sconce from home depot that was vaguely a narrow-ish shape, and made sure it fit onto the socket.  Next up was to do some squigglies with the great stuff foam. Key here was to do a small controlled stream, and to trail off towards the end (all on a cooking sprayed down garbage bag).  Also to only go so far as my measurements.  My porch light is closer to the rafters, so it couldn't go tooo high.  I waited for the great stuff to set a big--maybe 5-10 minutes?  Then put the sconce on it's side, nestled into it.  The reason to wait a bit is so that the sconce doesn't immediately sink right through to the bottom.  After that, I waited until it was set enough to be moved without losing it's shape.  1/2 hour to an hour, depending on humidity and temperature.  I peeled it off, repeated the process, and nestled the sconce in so that the 'flames' were next to each other.

After it fully dried, I filled in a few gaps, shaved off some unsightly bumps, etc.  Then went over it with spray paint--orange, red and yellow.  Going to try it tonight and see what kind of lighting it results in.


Some success...though may have to modify the bulb.  I can't decide  if it's giving out too much light, or just being dispersed weirdly.  Tried a few different things--adding blue led strand, a black light bulb...just didn't impact it quite the way I wanted it to.  Still some tweaking to be done.

Maybe a lower wattage bulb?  There is a lot of light from the window....
I feel like goldilocks.  Too much light...not enough...oye.  I changed the bulb to an amber, lower wattage one.  It definitely cuts the light and I thought at first was way too dark, but then I turned on the light for the stained glass window and it's (mostly) just enough light.  But I was able to take a better picture of the torch without the light overwhelming the shot.

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