Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Stained glass window

Got a start on the stained glass window I have planned for the front bay window.  I'm 'walling' off either side and leaving the middle open.  Today I did paper cutouts of some generic patterns and put them up today with some cellophane to see what kind of basic look I've got so far.  First glance was underwhelming--the colors just didn't stand out.  Then Mondo suggested putting up a white background behind it--even a garbage bag, or tissue paper--to disperse the light.  Which worked sooo much better, and it was looking much better.  Looks like I won't have to come up with a plan b yet.  The trick will be to figure out how to design the middle to actually look like a stained glass window.  Not sure how yet.  Possibly involving some of the foam, and cobblestone look that I worked on with the archway/alcoves?  Not sure.  Much experimentation needed.  Anyway, with the garbage bag background, it means that I don't have to have super bright light behind it, which is awesome.

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