Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Stained Glass--final draft

The last few days have had a lot of work directed at the stained glass window.  A couple of things--the white paper behind it went up (ended up using paper vs. garbage bag as the bag didn't get close enough to really highlight the details), and I found a PERFECT lamp for the back.  Initially I was using my standard standing lamp, which created a choice of either keeping the shade on and only getting the lower half lit up, or removing the shade and offending everyone's eyes in the room.  Not ideal.  Then I realized that the old lamp I had bought for last year's Harry Potter could rotate, and had glass on the sides.  So basically, it can project ALL the light I need, with none of the glaringly bright light into the room that I didn't want.  Ideal.  So that all came together, and I could finally move back the furniture and start to really get a handle on putting the living room together.

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