Thursday, October 15, 2015

Photo op

I spent about 20 minutes putting together the photo op today.  I had been collecting the parts for it for the last week, but I finally had time to put the thing together.  Pretty basic, just consisting of wiring up the bucky skeleton (after carefully taking off the head) to the scene settered clothes rack.  Took some of the chain and chained him all up after posing him a bit.  Made a decent sized head hole, low enough for children, and with only a bit of a stoop for adults.  And then topped the whole thing off with a Halloween sign made especially for this year with some garden stakes for a real secure feel.  And then posed silly...cause obviously that's how you break in a photo op.

In other news, had to put up "Keep Out!" signs all up around the chain due to some filthies mucking around.  Sam's friend caught some kids running all around in and out of the yard, RIGHT next to Abbadon and the lights.  She thoroughly yelled at them, and they slunk off next door.  So it turns out that they're our new neighbors' kids.  Awesome.  This bodes well...

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