Saturday, October 17, 2015

Maple leaf runner

Original project page
I'm creating projects now.  It's a bit of a defense against actually finishing established, planned, projects.  I know this.  And yet it still happens.  I was (admittedly) trolling for a project to use some leftover Halloween fabric, and came across this gorgeous project of a maple leaf table runner, and I kind of fell in love with it.  It necessitated digging through my stores and coming up with 3-4 scraps of 2.5" fabric sqaures of about 6 types.  I modified my pattern to include 5 squares (orange, green, red, yellow, and brown) instead of four (longer table).  And tomorrow I'll head to joann's and get some cream fabric along with a border (couldn't find one I liked in my stores) and backing.  Also need some heat bond paper for the applique and some invisible thread for the quilting.

Five squares completed.  

This project has been a slow one, mostly because I've been doing it between other projects when I'm a) clean and b) not too tired.  Which means that it really hasn't gotten a lot of momentum.  But I finally just powered through it just so it could be done.

So let's see.  After sewing together the above squares, I ironed on the bond heat paper in the form of the leaf template. Then cut around the template, giving me a stiff leaf template in quilted form.  I then ironed/bonded that onto the large white square of fabric.  After that, I went over the outline with a zig zag stitch using invisible thread.  I pieced together the five leaf squares with the extra brown material in between.

Now for the back, I actually decided to make it reversible so that I could leave it up a little longer.  I had some quilted Christmas squares from an old project bag of my late grandmother.  She never finished whatever she was going to do with them.  And rather than have them just sit in a drawer doing nothing, I pieced them together, along with some of my own green material on the sides.  Tonight was the final push to actually put the two quilt tops together with a layer of felt in between and quilt it and finish it.  I ended up quilting the leaf side (the xmas side was much busier).  If I have time, I'll go back and do more extensive quilting, but for now I just did a line up each leaf.  On two of them I traced a leaf/artery pattern, and eventually I'll go back and do more...maybe after Halloween.  All that was left was the binding, which I had already made out of the extra brown material, and it was just a matter of pinning, and sewing the edges.  So it's complete!  Not nearly as nice as the original project inspiration, but it'll work for now.

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