Friday, October 2, 2015


I started to pull out Halloween stuff today.  Thought I had accidentally thrown away my dungeon scene setter and had ordered a new one (got a deal), before then finding the stash a few hours later, but not quite in time to cancel the new shipment.  Sooo....I now have looooots of dungeon scene setter.  Which is okay, cause it's a good basic, and it tends to rip/tear/etc.

Very strange to not have a theme--created lots of indecision about the kind of look I was going for.  Definitely minimalist right now (comparatively speaking), and it may be a matter of tweaking and slowly adding bits and pieces here and there.  One of the main (new) pieces I put up was a garlandy thing I made out of some decorative mesh I picked up a couple weeks ago in purple and brown.  It went over the living room doorway with wire and pipecleaners.  Much of what came out of the bins was put up nestled in the folds of the ribbon.  I don't know, still playing around.

One of the biggest impulses I've had to resist is to NOT feel like I have to decorate every inch of the house; the Harry Potter party last year was awesome, but it has definitely made it hard to dial it back this year.

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