Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dungeon scenes and warning signs

Possibly going to add a fresh grave.
So the scene setter went up today.  I made the mistake of putting it up last year on a windy day.  Worst. Mistake. Ever.  So today was calm, and I actually reviewed some of the tips I wrote down from last year, namely to do the bottom half first, which turned out to work out oh so much better.  I ended up using the new stuff, mostly because it was a lot easier to work with because past Jess was a jerk and didn't fold up the old scene setter in a nice way, just stuffed it into a garbage bag.  DAMN YOU PAST JESS!!


So the scene setter went up and I had immediate nostalgia moments with the Harry Potter of last year.  I also hung the (not quite finished) window alcove things, and they're looking pretty good.  Oh, and the last of it went up about 15 minutes before school let out, so I was sitting in the living room with the door open a bit so that Lou could get her last bits of fresh air before her "punishment month" (as October has become to her as I block off her view), and kids started to notice the scene setter was up.  Overheard things: "Remember last year, they did Harry Potter? And the year before that was underwater?"  "Hey! (screamed) They're doing the Halloween stuff again!!" So that was cute.

And since I'm getting ready to put out the yard props, I wanted to put up a sign of some sort to warn kids off from touching anything.  I mean, they will.  I know they will.  That's just the nature of the process, but I'd like it to be a little more 'hands off' this year than usual cause of Abby.  So I asked for suggestions on facebook and got some good ones.  Land mines, razor wire, a mean dog, and hot wire fencing were all offered.  All reasonable, not at all insane suggestions really.  But I went with Sarah's thought of a gravestone about the last person to touch the props.  The final product ended up pretty well, and I used white lettering with a black background so that it would stand out especially bright.

Not at all what it will finally look like.

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