Thursday, October 8, 2015

Gothic cathedral windows

($800-$990 online...too much)
One of the themes of this year's Halloween is going with a kind of (haunted) gothic cathedral, and I had found a prop online that I wanted, but it was super expensive.  So (of course) I looked at trying to make my own.  I didn't use as many skulls (partly because I prefer fewer, partly because I couldn't find a middle size that I liked), and I made it more of a shelf to give me more options about what to set on it. The basic form I cut out of foamboard, The blue "bricks" are just foam to give it a bit more of a stone/cobbled look.  I added a pile of great stuff foam to the bottom, then nestled in the skulls.  I have stone paint and some gray that I'll play around with once everything is dry.  I'm also thinking a mirrored back, or maybe even aluminum foil...not sure yet.  I've also got a second window ready to go once another batch of skulls arrive, and they'll hang up on the inside of the porch with probably some fake candles or tea lights, depending on the weight the shelf can hold.

Got the windows painted with a mix of gray and a tad of silver.  Have to do a few touchups on them, I'm sure I missed spots.  Next up is to figure out what to use for the mirrored back and to figure out the attachment to the porch.  

Today I fixed some foil backed cardboard behind the mirrors.  If I was spending money on these, I would have gotten a mirror roll, one that ACTUALLY looks like a mirror, so that it was more of a creepy hallway.  But I'm more concerned about this project being done.  Maybe if I get more time or something I'll switch it out, but for now, this will work.  

Also had to fix one of the shelves.  The insulation had stuck very well to it from underneath...and then pulled it down so that it was slipping downwards.  I had to take a wedge and hammer to it to unstick it then reglue, and repaint the gap.  It's not great, but now at least I can put stuff on the shelf.  (Still not sure what, but I want the option). 
I had originally planned on fixing a hook to the back and hanging them on the railing, but in putting up the scene setter, I found 2 S hooks and realized that they could just hang from the top decorative cutout.  AND it means that they can be moved super easily, and can be in any location on the porch.  Win.  

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