Thursday, October 2, 2014

Quidditch Hoops and Decrees

Okay, I feel I need to make a rule for myself.  Like maybe, no more than 4 projects per day.  Less than that if they're big projects.  Was slightly crippled from yesterday.  The adrenaline wore off sometime during the night and I was left curled up in a ball this morning.  So while my taking a break every couple hours was good, I didn't add in enough projects that required sitting down.  So trying to go a little more paced out today.  Finished the last gravestone paint job--took a lot of extra paint to fill in the top edges, but it turned out pretty well, and it holds up to pretty strong wind.

I then got started on the quidditch hoops.  Cut up some of the pipe (which btw was a super bitch to do, as the pipe is extremely hard to cut--I managed to get the terrible one that resists cutting and just bends) to act as feet in the cement.  Ended up mixing the cement in the bucket in which it was going to eventually stay--the pouring from the larger bucket was a little unnecessary and was losing a lot of cement.  Add to that that the cement man at Home Depot grossly underestimated what volume I would need, I'll be doing another batch of these tomorrow (only got 3 hoops/buckets filled, and those only about halfway full.  I want them to be pretty secure, so I'll make a home depot run in the morning to get a lot more--need to get more pvc pipe for the porch anyways, so not a big deal)

Not sure what else I'll work on today--maybe something a little more sedate.

Here they're all dry and standing
on their own.

Tied the poles to the ladder so they
would dry straight.

Also put up the educational decrees in the "Hallway".  Might do a few more so that I can do a bottom row.  Put I'm pleased with how they look right now.

Some of my favorite decrees:

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