Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pumpkin time!

I very nearly didn't pick up pumpkins this year.  This year was very tiring and I was a wee bit fried after the party (not the event itself, but the buildup and setup was lots of stress and work).  But then I was at the grocery store and I had an "oh who are you kidding?" moment as I 'debated' getting pumpkins.  But I went light this year--only 5 pumpkins.  And I found my drill, so I went ahead and gutted 3 of them.  And see?  I'm taking a break before (possibly) doing the other 2.  I have found that the key to the pumpkins is to not try and gut and cut right after each other; my hand is way too tired by the time I need to make intricate cuts.  So tonight will be the gutting, then I'll attempt to carve over the next two days, leaving Halloween free (again, in theory).

Also took another shot of the graveyard (*sniff* it'll be coming down soonish) and noticed that (I presume) Sarah had brought some flowers to put on the Weasley's graves (or rather, 1 Weasley).  Aaand, cue the waterworks.

Oh, and also took a picture of the little teal pumpkin that Sam made me for the Teal Pumpkin Project, basically a way to let parents know that your house offers either no candy or a candy alternative to those kids who have food allergies.  I've given out glowsticks for years so apparently I've been participating all this time--just didn't know it was a thing.  So this pumpkin, along with a little sign, will go outside the porch.

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