Wednesday, October 1, 2014


YAAAAAY!!!  October first is HERE!!!!  Seriously, more excitement than say, xmas.  And I always think of this staples commercial when October finally gets here, except my basket is filled with pumpkins and craft supplies. :D

And so the pressing question on my mind today--where do I start first?!?  It's going to be a bit delayed this year--nasty weather, and the gravestones aren't quite ready yet--the first half of today was spent getting the (hopefully) last print job (stained glass windows laminated so they can go outside), and gluing boards to the graves so they don't blow away, and putting the final touches on the canvas now that it's dry.  But I may have to put up the scene setters on the porch, and possibly the chain perimeter--just as a teaser.  Will see how it goes, depending on how much I can get done between now and when the children start flooding the street when school lets out. 

Finished painting all but one of the gravestones, though may have to go over with a second coat.  The larger tombstones are making me a bit nervous.  It was windy today and they were seriously swaying--I may have to cut them down so they're not constantly blowing over--or figure out some stakes or something.  

This is just a cardboard facade for the"Lupins", but he'll go in the back anyways, facing away from anything.  

Need to paint the base of this guy,
but otherwise will leave him alone.
Not a bad find for the thriftstore.
Haven't done this guy quite yet--
the glue is still drying on the base.

Also put up a few of the signs I had gotten printed--the Library: Restricted Section as well as the accompanying chains.  May have to put on a few more if I have extra.

Also got the Polyjuice Potion station sign up.


Oookay, did the big push and got up the stone scene setters (back and front of the porch).  Tip--if ever doing this again, do the BOTTOM half first, THEN the top.  The other way round is filled with despair.

Had originally wanted to fashion a turret or tower of some sort--but the wind made that pretty impossible.  Which actually, was fine.  I'd almost rather have to be putting it up under slightly adverse conditions so that I tape the !@#$ out of everything, rather than have to go back constantly and add tape.  Instead, I grabbed a spare pvc pipe, taped it to the banner and made a small enclosure on the corner--it encloses the space a little more.  Looks pretty good--I'm eager to see how the few accessories will help it look--the porch is so basic this year--most of the detail will actually be inside in the window.

Portcullis is done!  And UP!  Boo-yah!  Super tired now, but whatever--porch looks more like a castle now.  Still have to put up the windows and decrees, but I'll leave that til tomorrow.

Tips on doing a portcullis: 
1.  Do on a floor, not carpet like the first time I tried this.
2. Mark off the dimensions on the floor with an expo marker--but allow extra length on whichever side you're doing the pointy things.
3.  Go slowly--getting tape stuck together or to yourself = annoying/painful
4. Do it in sections.  For the side facing the front, measure out the strips, but after that, do it in small pieces, doing maybe 2-3 squares at a time.
5. Do the reverse side as you go, not at the end. This allows you to sit on the finished side and decreases the likelihood that you'll get stuck to the tape.
6.  OMG, DO NOT WEAR SOCKS.  This almost turned into a disaster.  The tape comes off skin relatively easily, but fabric it adheres to super securely.
7. Use the cheap, non-industrial strength brand of duct tape.
8. If possible, have someone help you.  I've done it twice now on my own, but it might have been much easier with 2 people.

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