Thursday, October 23, 2014

Graaaaves, glorious Graaaaaves!!!

Got all the plaques attached to the graves!  Yaaay!!  Technically (once they're dry) they're ALL DONE!!!  Woot!!!  Much happiness and stress gone.  Which is timely, cause now that that stress is gone, I'm starting to look around and getting serious hoarder itchiness.  Obviously, I'm not that bad, but it's amazing how dirty and cluttery everything starts to look with the knowledge that people will be entering your house.  And more so when there are too many people to hide things in too many places.  It has to be an actual cleaning, not a quick and dirty, booby-trap-the-closets kind of cleaning--which frankly, is more my wheelhouse.  But getting the porch all cleaned up yesterday was also a huge load of my mind--my Mom was so awesome to help with that:)

Sooo...onto the next project.  I'm kind of in cleaning mode, but I also want to pull out the (few) actual Halloween decorations I have that I'm going to use.  Maybe I'll pull those out first, then spend time packing away.  We'll see where the day takes me--might get stuck in the garage for a bit--those Halloween boxes tend to be a time sucker.


......seriously, it's depressing...last chance to turn away....

Here we go:


*Just as a footnote, I realize that Dobby is NOT here--but to be fair, he was buried elsewhere, and while I might add him if I have time, honestly, his would have been a bit too hard for me to do.  *sniff*

Now yes, this is a super dark graveyard and yes, I did feel slightly bad about potentially spoiling the ending of the Harry Potter books for a new generation of kids.  So I made 2 signs and put them at either ends of the sidewalk leading up to the yard.

Hopefully this absolves me of (most) responsibility.  We'll see.  So I left this out a few days before the actual graves went up (just to give full warning).  Then last night I went ahead and put up the graves and the lighting, as well as the blow up spider (aka Aragog)

And at night, after some adjustment of the lights

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