Monday, October 13, 2014

2 Weeks....AAAAAAAACK!!

Mild panic day.  2 weeks...actually slightly less than that until the Halloween party.  There's quite a bit that has been put up...but still soooo much left to do.  Today was filled with lots of little random projects, tweakings, mostly organizing, cleaning, that kind of thing.  Started to get a little twitchy.  But Sam had a good thought.  She suggested writing down my "frogs" (aka, the tasks that are raising my blood pressure), including the ones she (and other friends) could help with.  Which helped.  And I have a bit of a better focus on how I want to spend the last two weeks and what needs to get done. I think part of the stress has been so many little projects rather than one big project that I could tackle.  It's now all the little details that I'd like to fix or adjust but that I haven't written down.  So I'm going to get better at writing them down so I don't feel like I'm forgetting something.  And remember that it really is enough time, most of the projects are done, they just have to go up.  Phew.  Hoping for a better stress level day tomorrow.

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  1. I'm ready for my tasks, oh fearless leader! - S.