Thursday, September 4, 2014

Off to Comic Con!!

I even figured out how to make the lion roar (small mp3 player with a speaker attached)--will have to see how well it works.  Also very excited to meet Dave Kellett who writes Sheldon Comics, and the guys who write Cyanide and well as John Barrowman.  Squee!

 Day 1:
(Click on pics for larger image)

Day 2:

Alan Tudyk P
Eliza Dushku panel
Alan Tudyk panel

Photo ops with Alan Tudyk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                    and John Barrowman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 3: 

Steven Amell from "Arrow"  Good panel, though mostly I was there because of the following John Barrowman panel.

The gorgeous and fabulous John Barrowman!!!!!  My favorite panel hands down--he was just lovely, lots of energy, funny stories, kind, just...*sigh* lovely.  

 Eve Myles from Torchwood--lovely woman--came on stage a bit crying because of how many people roared to their feet for her.

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