Thursday, September 11, 2014


Bit of a side project.  A friend is having a Lord of the Rings themed wedding reception, and guests are to come in costume, so I went about pulling together a costume.  One of the easiest is a hobbit, so I rummaged in my closet for a dress, made a wreath for my hair (thank you Joann's clearance aisle), made a half apron (with pockets), got some elf ears, and of course--made some hobbit feet.  Yes, could have got barefoot, but there will be a firepit and fairly dark--I don't fancy stepping on a sprinkler head; and I'm not as familiar with their backyard.  ANYway, so it was a matter of just making some hobbit feet.  Got some 'funny feet' (plastic feet, slightly large), and some slip on shoes that could be painted.  Found some white shoes a bit on the large size, so they should be able to slip these on a little easier.  Then just attached the feet to the shoes with superglue and hot glue.  Once that was fairly secure, I gave them a coat of paint so that it would blend together a bit more.  And be a little closer to my own (fishbelly) skin tone. Might go over the feet one more time with a bit more shading, especially on the nails before I add a patch of fur or hair to the tops of the feet.  

Finished with hair on the tops.  
Off to Lord of the Rings party!
Just a (very) few snapshots of the evening

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