Friday, September 12, 2014

Gravestone lettering

Test piece, just to see if the method would work.  The streaks
are because I didn't wait until it was dry before putting on
the second color. 
Tried a new technique for the gravestone lettering where you actually use the tip of a hot glue gun to melt the plastic Styrofoam to create indented letters, paint them black, then go over them again with another color, but diagonally so that the second paint doesn't get into the grooves of the lettering.  I did a test case on a smaller piece of Styrofoam just to see if it would work.  Totally does--woot!  So I've been going after the gravestone epitaphs one by one.  May have screwed up the Sirius Black one--I (stupidly) got a bit impatient and spray painted it with black (a big no no with Styrofoam) and it immediately started to eat away at the foam.  Haven't figured out if it's salvageable.  But lesson learned.  So I'll just use the old school paint with brush method.

I got fancy with this one--printed out in fancy font and transferred with blue transfer paper.  Once you get the hang of it,
the hot glue gun is actually a pretty easy way to do the lettering.  And it allows for some nicer script than I would be able
to do if I was cutting it out.  

First fully painted one (that wasn't screwed up by spray paint).  The next step will be to go over it diagonally with a gray or maybe a white.  

Finished plaque with a coat of gray over everything.

Got the Weasley twins done today.  Yes, George isn't dead (*sniff*) but I wanted to do the Mischief/Managed on either of their tombstones, and put them side by side.

Finished plaques.  *sniff*

Also got more owls done, as well as sewing up a few more Daily Prophets.

Got a few more plaques traced out.  Think I'll possibly take them outside in the garage to eek out the lettering if it's nice.  Got a bit woozy the other day while working on some of them--best not to test it out if I'm doing a bunch of them.  So I got the Lupin plaques ready--3 of them, 1 with a "LUPIN" in larger letters--and the Severus Snape one.  Turned out well.  Oh, and got the Sirius Black one painted with the gray.  I think I managed to salvage it from the spray paint disaster--I figure I can put him closer to the back anyways.  

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