Friday, August 1, 2014

Zurcher's Trip--August

Yay for a Zurcher's opening near where I live!  Picked up some vampire teeth for the monster book (had to look a bit before I found some good, but still cheap, ones).  Also picked up a cape that will hopefully double as a Hobbit cape (friend's wedding) and as a Slytherin cape (Halloween party), as well as a cob pipe.  Found some dementor-esque hands for my yard haunter.  Still need to figure out a robe or costume of some sort, but I'm thinking of going more the plastic bag attached to drape route--it's more the look I want, and it's cheaper.  And finally gave in and bought a Gryffindor banner for $8.  I may or may not break down and get the others, depending on my need.  I was checking out their wands in the Harry Potter section and I much prefer the wands I've been making to theirs--which are way too big, and clumsily built--no attention paid to details.  *sniff*

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